Dunboyne Golf Society

 Changes to competition and handicaps for season 2017

It was decided by your committee and passed at this years AGM that the following changes would apply to the competition prize structure and Handicap adjustments for this year.

There will be 1 overall Prize winner for each outing and then
3 prize Categories with 1st and 2nd prizes awarded in each category.
Category 1. 0-12 handicap
Category 2. 13-18 handicap
Category 3. 18-28 handicap

The prize winners shall be subject to the society handicap deduction system as follows:
Class 1. Overall winner cut 2 shots
              Category winner cut 1 shot
              Category Runner up cut 0.5 shot
              Shots Back 0.3

Class 2. Overall winner cut 3 shots
              Category winner cut 2 shots
              Category Runner up cut 0.7 shot
              Shots Back 0.7

Class 3. Overall winner cut 4 shots
              Category winner cut 3 shots
              Category Runner up cut 2 shots
              Shots Back 1.0

Handicap Secretary

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